Bonjour ! I'm a 20 year old New Yorker with a penchant for fashion, food, architecture, design, and nature.
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Bored at school

Bored in the library* 
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I hate how Tumblr sets a limit on how many photos you can upload in a day. I always use it up. I like posting and finding pretty photos more than I like reblogging, I think. Anyway, for some reason I feel like making the last photo I upload today a picture of myself. I feel good today :) Probably going to go to sleep soon seeing as it’s 1 am….so good night lovelies!<3 xo
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Bored Yana is bored.

Bored Yana makes gifs of herself….

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Anonymous: you seem so done up in all of your recent pictures. can you post a picture of yourself without makeup? (:

I definitely have before lol:
Here’s another one:

Hope it doesn’t give you nightmares :P

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I kind of don’t like this picture. :x