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Chanel’s peridot nail polish - yay or nay?

Chanel’s peridot nail polish - yay or nay?

100 notes - 11 September, 2011

Tagged: chanel peridot nail polish yay or nay

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  2. coocooforcoco answered: YAY
  3. macbrule answered: yayy
  4. primad0nnax reblogged this from sarascloset and added:
    i need!!
  5. lunaharkin answered: Hell yes x
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  7. mpattiasina answered: Yay..
  8. not-your-familiar answered: yay (:
  9. overdressedla answered: j’adore
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  11. chienneangeliques answered: BEAUTIFUL!! I feel obligated to buy this polish because peridot is my birthstone! x)
  12. sweetdeeeeeee answered: Nay
  13. lizspinknails answered: ummm freak YAY!!!!! lol love it!
  14. derimeow answered: it depends on the person’s skin tone. for that skin tone, nay
  15. yourladyb answered: nay :(
  16. lostinalovelyworld answered: YAY!
  17. mashaelmm answered: yay <3
  18. nail-files answered: yay!
  19. mrm-muther answered: YAY! this is on my fall wishlist for sure
  20. ellekourtis answered: yay !
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  23. foreverleila answered: yes
  24. mercerodri answered: Yay! *-*
  25. sweeeetcarolineeee answered: I’m not to crazy about the greenish tint…but maybe it’s the lighting?
  26. teachmehowtobeckie answered: yay
  27. losingthekgs answered: Maybe? :) it’s nice if you’re going out a friday night, but a little bite too much for monday morning.. Unless your outfit is all black..
  28. sabor-veneno answered: What?
  29. skitzy366 answered: yay!!
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  31. pinkfarasha answered: It is wonderful
  32. forgotten-innocence answered: YAY!
  33. mybrainonacid answered: yayyyyyyyy
  34. vibr4n-t answered: yess! best nail polish for fall!
  35. nothingbeatsfashion answered: yayyyyyyyy
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  37. thetasteofink23 answered: oh sorry, i guess ill reply twice. FUCKING YAY.
  38. thetasteofink23 said: definitely a yay.
  39. shc92-pretty-things-etc answered: nay for me; have you seen the YSL version of gold?
  40. aksiniaa1everything answered: yaaaay
  41. hiitscaila answered: Yay! I love the hint of green.
  42. shooshoojoon answered: Yay!! That’s some pretty bling bling
  43. yoursex-is-onfire answered: yay :)
  44. yellow-diiiamonds answered: yes!